Senggigi Semi Private Surf

Semi-Private Surf Lesson in Senggigi Beach Area

Semi-private surf lessons at Senggigi are designed for couples or people who want to take surf lessons together. For the semi-private class, it is best if both students are at the same level. You will have one instructor for two students if you join the semiprivate surf lessons in Senggigi program.

How is the progress : Senggigi Semi Private Surf.

We offer three different services for beginning surfers of all ages, applicable to different target levels of skills.

Senggigi Semi private surf

1. Beginner Surf Lesson (Introduction Level 1) Senggigi Semi Private Surf

A basic introduction to surfing lasts 2 to 3 hours.

The lesson you will learn consists of:

1. The design and function of the surfboard

2. A basic board skill consists of:

  • How to position your body on paddling and how to paddle efficiently
  • How to position on the waves
  • In what way do you have to take off?
  • The best body position on riding the waves?

3. How to get into a basic wave and ride the wave

4. Observe and analyze the surfing area and evaluate the safest place to enter and exit the area.

5. Safety measures and surfing etiquette

Our Price: IDR 750.000 for 2 people

2. Beginner Surf Lesson (Surf Course Level 2)

Subject: 3 lessons, each lesson lasting 2–3 hours.

The lessson will learn:

      1. How do you catch your own wave in a safe environment?
      2. Understanding the risks of surfing
      3. How to surf safety
      4. handling and controlling your board, understanding the beach condition, the waves, and the ocean
      5. More safety measures and surfing etiquette

Our price is IDR 2.200.000 for 2 persons.

3. Beginner Surf Lesson (Surf Course Level 3)

Subject: 6 lessons, each of a lesser duration of 2–3 hours.

This lesson is for people who want to become serious surfers. Learn from beginner to intermediate level surfers.

The lesson will learn

  1. Catch and surf unbroken waves.
  2. Take the drop.”
  3. Ride the wave.
  4. Perform bottom and top turns.
  5. Position on the water to catch a wave.
  6. Know which waves you have to avoid and which waves are possible to catch.
  7. Understanding the “lineup” and advanced safety measures

How to book: Senggigi Semi Private Surf

  1. Fill out the reservation form in the section below or contact us via WhatsApp at +62 818365070.
  2. We will process your booking and send you an online invoice via email or WhatsApp.
  3. Please finalize the payment (Terms and conditions). For more details, please refer to the payment methods section.
  4. Present your voucher (e-voucher or printed version) on-site. Happy traveling

Our Price: IDR 4.320.000 for 2 persons

Price includes:

  1. Pickup in the Senggigi area
  2. Surfboard rental
  3. Surf instructor
  4. Wet suit/shirt
  5. Booties/reef shoes
  6. Mineral water
  7. Government tax

Price Excludes:

  1. Airport transfer
  2. Board shorts
  3. Soft drinks
  4. Lunch
  5. Tips and other personal expenses

Surf school facilities: Senggigi Semi Private Surf

  1. First aid kits
  2. lifeguard
  3. photos by camera Go Pro

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